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Welcome on Ntv

Ntv is a moment of mental de-connection from the overwhelming stream of information of the daily routine on the net. The viewer comes on Ntv to be able to wonder and immerse himself into the poetry of visual noises and hypnotizing repetitions.

Here the language of the net is cut, mixed, bashed, filtered, laughed, implemented and re-composed into a series of web paintings depicting the blurry inter-zone between sense and non-sense. Ntv streams romantic meaningless moments into the viewers gaze.

Ntv is a time to ponder on your mistakes, to wish on your dreams, to remember that special loved one. It's a moment to empty your short term memory and to overload the long term one while watching a spray can never begin emptied or a boat ever sailing.

It is a free service that sustains itself only by DONATION, aiming to create a new way to approach and support art. So whether you feel close to what described here or not, we hope that just by reading this and watching us you'll feel inspired!

Enjoy the show!!!

Ntv is a project by artist/designer Nazareno Crea all rights reserved ©2012
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